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Author: Dina Gentile
ISBN: 9781940067766

The esports industry has experienced rapid expansion across management, marketing, and overall operations of esports events, as well as distribution of programming and gaming. College programs are adding courses, minors, and major programs of study to capitalize on the growing popularity and interest of esports to prepare future professionals in this booming industry. In response to the astronomical growth in esports worldwide, this first edition of Introduction to Esports Management was developed.

Introduction to Esports Management is a first-of-its-kind resource to explore the full breadth of topics on the management and administration of esports and gaming across a variety of settings. It offers coverage of topics specific to esports, such as streaming, branding, esports careers, esports operations and strategic planning, along with the cultural impact of esports. The text examines traditional sport management topics including governance, event/facility management, and marketing with deliberate consideration of how these essential elements are adjusted to address the esports environment and its unique stakeholder groups. Ultimately, Introduction to Esports Management is a timely and well-organized classroom resource that addresses core areas of the industry and immersive feedback from esports professionals in the field.

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